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Benefits of Becoming an ENGO Retailer or Distributor

We hear from customers every day who want to find ENGO at their local running store or shoe store. As an ENGO retailer or distributor, you’ll get:

  • Exclusive pricing
  • Customer referral
  • A listing on the ENGO website

There are two ways to sell ENGO: as a retailer and as a distributor. Retailers sell directly to consumers, while distributors sell to retailers and resellers.

These things are amazing. I was getting heel blisters even after breaking my hiking boots in for about 100 miles. It was agony on long uphill hikes. I even tried the liner sock / hiker sock combo without luck. Put these in and went on a 7-mile hike with no issues and then the next day did a 6-mile hike with zero issues! And these hikes had some serious gain too! So glad to finally have happy feet!”
Lindsey, San Diego, California

Interested in Selling ENGO Blister Patches? Contact Us to Learn How

If you’re interested in becoming an ENGO retailer or distributor, contact us for information and pricing.

The Power of ENGO Blister Patches

ENGO Blister Patches are ultra thin, self-adhesive patches that apply to shoes and athletic equipment – not to the skin – to reduce blister-causing friction. ENGO Blister Patches are a long-lasting alternative to traditional blister bandages.

“I am training for an ultra and every time I get new shoes, I end up with excruciating blisters on the backs of my heels. I have all kinds of remedies and ENGO is the first product that worked and kept my feet protected. I ran my first 31.1 wearing these without any redness in sight. Thank you!
Nicole C., Charlotte, North Carolina

Many athletes find ENGO after they’ve spent years investing in and trying various blister bandages that haven’t effectively resolved their blister problems. By partnering with ENGO, you can bring your customers a lasting foot protection solution. Reduce the frustration that athletes and weekend warriors experience with blisters by introducing them to ENGO Blister Patches.

“This product is amazing. I used to constantly have huge blisters running (I ran on my high school cross country and track teams) – now I am without any blisters as long as I use the ENGO patches in my running shoes. Truly an incredible product!”
Runner from Los Angeles, California

ENGO Blister Patches are available in a variety of package options with different patch shapes and sizes, including:

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How ENGO Patches Work

Friction causes blisters. When your foot moves in a shoe, it can rub against the shoe. That repetitive rubbing causes blisters. Friction initially causes microscopic tears in your skin. Then inner layers of your skin begin to separate. Beneath your outer layer of skin, the tears combine and turn into a cleft – basically one big internal tear. The cleft then fills with fluid and becomes a blister.

ENGO Blister Patches have an incredibly low coefficient of friction, which means they allow the skin to glide smoothly over them, rather than rubbing painfully on the shoe.

This video demonstrates how ENGO significantly reduces blister-causing friction:

“Even with 10-year old boots, I was still getting heal blisters after a few thousand feet of gain. I tried moleskin, one sock, two socks, knee-highs under socks, special cross lacing, nothing helped. I put ENGO in the heels of my boots with two pairs of socks, and hiked the entire 212-mile John Muir Trail without a single blister. I’m now a complete believer that preventing sweaty sock stick to the boot (or foot) is the key.”

Who Uses ENGO Blister Patches?

Athletes from runners to golfers love ENGO. Customers selling ENGO include:

  • Running stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Camping and outdoors store
  • Podiatrists
  • Tennis shops
  • Golf shops
  • Shoe stores
  • Specialty sports stores, including soccer, dance, basketball, football, and hockey

“I used the ENGO heel patches today in my football cleats to help keep abrasions from happening and they worked PERFECTLY!! Thank you guys so much! I love your product and will definitely buying more in the future!”
James G., Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you’re interested in becoming an ENGO retailer or distributor, contact us for information and pricing.

Photo Gallery: How Athletes Use ENGO Blister Patches