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A miracle cure! I have tried everything to prevent blisters on my arches when I run and these simple strips are the only thing that has ever worked. Love them!


In 2002 I finished the NYC marathon with both feet blistered, that month I saw an ad in backpacker magazine about engo patches-called them, talked to marketing, ordered patches (primarily use on balls of feet & heals) in all running shoes (still doing marathons) and all hiking shoes & boots “no more blisters” ? Thank you ENGO


I could not do those miles without you.  You made it possible for me to do a couple marathons and quite a few half marathons too!  Am now training for my third marathon and would not be able to do it without your product.  thank you thank you thank you.  You are the best!  xoxoxox

Melissa Olsen from Sacramento, CA

Works great at reducing friction. I put them on the insole under the ball of my foot. I used these during my last 100 mile race and had no blisters.

Anonymous from Michigan

This product is amazing – I used to constantly have huge blisters running (I ran on my high school cross country and track teams) – now I am without any blisters as long as I use the Engo patches in my running shoes. Truly an incredible product!

Anonymous from Los Angeles

I am training for an ultra and every time I would get new shoes I ended up with excruciating blisters on the backs of my heels. I have tried Bodyglide, duct tape, all kinda of remedies- these are the first product that worked and kept my feet protected. I ran my first 31.1 wearing these without any redness in sight. Thank you!

Nicole C. from Charlotte, NC

After moving to orthotics to address running pronation issues, I was getting significant blistering in the back-outside heel of each foot. BodyGlide and other products helped minimize the damage but did not solve the problem. I have successfully used the Engo patches for several years, including several IronMan and 70.3 events. I remain very satisfied with the product and recommend it to those seeking to address similar foot friction issues.

Steve R. from Atlanta, GA

“I wanted again to thank you for a terrific product. It’s unbelievable what a difference it makes on my feet for long-distance running to wear these patches in my shoes. My brother and another friend now use them as well. Thanks a million!”

Kathleen Braun

“I received my first order of ENGO Patches… I ran Saturday, Sunday and then today at lunch with a group and we averaged sub 8-minute miles for 4 miles and I didn’t have any blistering, so I made another order today!”

Nicole R.

“I cannot say enough about your product or the customer service I received from your company. I have told quite a few people about the patches. Thank you for making such a great product and keep my feet healthier!! I know my feet are going to thank you after my 60 miles next weekend.”

Heather B.

“I ran with the ENGO patches for the first time yesterday and I am absolutely ecstatic with the results! For the first time in a long time I didn’t start hobbling at the 1-hour mark. (For so many of our previous runs, this is when the blisters on my hammertoes would start wreaking havoc with my stride and foot placement.) Again, many thanks for your advice over the phone and the truly GREAT product.”

Sheldon, Runner from Oregon

“I immediately put the patches in one pair of my running shoes, and ran with them that day. With the worst blisters I’ve ever had still healing on my feet, I have to say that I was so happy to complete a 4 mile run with little to no blister pain/irritation. Since then I have completed 4-8 mile runs regularly without any new blisters or irritation to my existing blisters. Needless to say, I have placed an order for more patches, and have spread the word to my fellow running friends.”

Jackie, Runner

“Thank you so very much for this wonderful product! It doesn’t matter how much or how little I spend on running shoes, without your heel patches, my heels very quickly rub out the cloth in the back of my shoes. Your product has kept me on the road. Without it, I would probably have stopped running because of my painful heel blisters.”

Kimberly Wright, Runner

“I just ran my 72nd marathon over the weekend. Every time I run a marathon I always get blisters. I have tried everything known to a runner to prevent blisters and have always crossed the finish line with at least 2 blisters. This time I used your patches and crossed the finish line with no blisters. They are wonderful! I have 28 more marathons to run before hanging up my marathon shoes. They will be so much more fun to run with no blisters growing while running the marathon. Thanks again for your wonderful product.”

Ruth Riply, Marathoner

“I just wanted to thank you for this product! I had spent about $300 on anti-blister products, and finally decided to give ENGO patches a try. Same shoes, same socks, longer race, faster pace, NO BLISTERS! I had been practically crippled by blisters for two months, but ENGO ended my blisters for good!”

Michael S., Runner

“I am utterly amazed! This is the first time I have run in I can’t remember how long in which I did not have any redness or blistering… I felt absolutely no pain! I am extremely grateful for your product… ENGO patches really do work!”

Chad F., Long-Distance Runner from Colorado

Hikers & Walkers

Holy cow! My $250 mountaineering boots were the most uncomfortable boots I’ve ever had to wear. A few bucks on these patches and my feet are in heaven! I want to wear those boots all the time now. Thank you guys for saving me from having to buy a whole new pair of boots.

Annie D.

The blister patches are great!! They helped prevent heel blisters that my daughter often gets from her hiking boots. Because they adhere to the hiking boot and not the foot they are much more effective. I highly recommended this product!!


My mountaineering boots were giving me painful heel blisters for months, after trying just about every trick in the book to eliminate friction, I finally ordered the ENGO heel patches as a last ditch effort. I am beyond happy with this product! I haven’t had any blisters since putting them in my boots and it has made ascents a million times more enjoyable! Thank you!


I have the worst pointy heels ever. I have spent my life fighting blisters and spent almost $150 on blister care while hiking in the Rockies. This past year before hiking in Patagonia I found your blister patches and tried them out…I am thrilled to tell you that I hiked 10-12 miles a day for a month in all sorts of terrain without so much as a single hot spot!! Your blister patches have changed my life, no longer am I unable to hike or even walk because of blisters on my pointy heels. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Even with 10-year old boots, I was still getting heal blisters after a few thousand feet of gain. I tried moleskin, one sock, two socks, knee-highs under socks, special cross lacing, nothing helped. I put engos in the heals of my boots with two pairs of socks, and hiked the entire 212-mile John Muir Trail without a single blister. I’m now a complete believer that preventing sweaty sock stick to the boot (or foot) is the key.


“I was skeptical about ENGO patches but also tired of working to get the moleskin goo off my heals after each mountain climb (and still getting blisters). I finally put the patches in my boots and they work! Don’t delay like I did. Use ENGO patches and forget the moleskin.

A friend of mine told me about the product and I dragged my feet for a long time and now regret waiting. My hope is that my comments will help others experience the same success with your product that I have without the delay.”

Dave H. from Salem, OR

These things are amazing. I was getting heel blisters even after breaking my hiking boots in for about 100 miles. It was agony on long uphill hikes. I even tried the liner sock / hiker sock combo without luck. Put these in and went on a 7 mile hike with no issues and then the next day did a 6 mile hike with zero issues! And these hikes had some serious gain too! So glad to finally have happy feet!

Lindsey from San Diego , CA

“I just placed my second order for the 4 pack patches of ENGO. My foot doctor told me to research shear ban online. I could not find shear ban to buy as a consumer. But I looked a little further,went to goengo online, and ordered. After cutting up and applying the ENGO patches, the many hot spots on my feet are dissipating, I have no new ones, and my feet DON’T HURT. It’s wonderful. The only thing is it took about 4 business to arrive here in Wisconsin.

I am telling my podiatrist where I found your product. He suggested shear ban. ENGO is the consumer purchasable twin.

Thank you people, and technology from one non-marathon 61 year old retired art teacher who really wants to just walk to keep healthy and enjoy work, play, and grandchildren. “

Jan from Milwaukee, WI

I have a bony prominence on my heal. In my casual shoes it wears a hole in the heel of the shoe and in heavy hiking boots it creates horrible blisters. I was given a sample pack of Engo and was amazed at how well these worked. I put them in my light hikers and have had no blisters. The most amazing thing is that the Engo patches last for a long time. In my hikers I have been on several hikes and the patches are still holding on. I am ordering another set for my daily work shoes. The only reason I need to order them is because the shoes wore out but the patches are still in good shape. Although these seem expensive if you apply them properly they will last for a very long time. I should also mention that even though I sell footwear at my store we do not sell Engo products. I have referred several of my customers to Engo and I know that Engo has save my company a lot of money by preventing the return of boots that otherwise would not have worked for my customers.

Kevin from Long Beach, CA

“I went on a 20-mile trail hike and the footing was treacherous… I hiked the entire 20-mile day with NO blisters, not even a ‘hot spot.’ Given my history with heel blisters, this is most remarkable. I was amazed at how well these patches worked! I tried everything—low friction socks, bandages, blister pads, even duct tape. Nothing else has been effective at preventing blisters. This product works! I recommend it to anyone who is blister-prone.”

Joe, Hiker from North Carolina

“I found these to be a miracle. I have always suffered with blister after blister… This year, I finally heard a blister prevention tip I had never heard before: ENGO Patches! My feet look better now at the 18-mile training mark than they did at 5 miles, when my blisters started bothering me… After using [ENGO] in my shoes for the last 2 months, I am sold and am looking to buy another batch! Thank you!

Marlo, Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk Participant from San Diego, California

Sports Teams

“Half-way through the season, one of my basketball players changed socks. He was blistering terribly on the back of his heels. After applying ENGO in his shoes he no longer experienced discomfort and his blisters readily healed. He raves about the product!”

High School Athletic Trainer

“We have been very pleased with ENGO. ENGO has done an outstanding job for our guys in reducing friction, preventing blisters and eliminating helmet abrasions.”

Buffalo Bills Athletic Trainer

“During fall pre-season training, we usually treat several players for multiple blisters. However, this past preseason we aimed at preventing blister formation by placing ENGO in the shoes at the point of hotspot development. The results were amazing! Every player who used the patches did not develop one blister. It saved us tons of time!”

Division II University Athletic Trainer

Other Athletes

I have to wear orthotics in my shoes now and that was bad news for the back of my heals! These have been life savers!!

Travis R.

So far blister free. These are very light and thin, you don’t even notice them.


I had ordered the heel patches and found that they did not work great with my shoes. I was contacted by customer service with a suggestion that I try the oval patches to see if they would be better. I am very pleased to say that the oval patches worked! I am able to wear my shoes blister free. Thanks for the great customer service.

Paulette J

I started using these heel patches to get rid of Haglund’s bumps on the back of my heels. They worked great and the bumps were pretty much gone in a few weeks. Now my wife and I put them in all our shoes when they are new and could not live without them. Great product and thanks a LOT

R. Sharp from MA

“I want to tell you that I have had your pads in 2 different pairs of sneakers, and they work amazingly! Every other heel pad I try lasts a couple weeks until I wear a hole right thru them.

I was a little skeptical your product would work, but I have been overwhelmingly satisfied. Not even a dent. You will extend the life of my sneakers from a few months until I wear them out elsewhere.

Congratulations on a great product!!”

Bruce U. from Pennsylvania

I used the ENGO heel patches today in my football cleats to help keep abrasions from happening and they worked PERFECTLY!! Thank you guys so much! I love your product and will definitely buying more in the future!

James G. from Las Vegas, NV

“Your patches are saving my shoes, skin and money. Thank you for this ingenious solution.”

Melanie from Minnesota

“These things are awesome. I use them in my combat boots and they neutralize any irritation.”


“I applied the patches to new boots that were repeatedly giving me blisters. 3 trips and 75 miles later and the patches are still good as new and they COMPLETELY eliminated blisters. Amazing. These patches have been 100% effective and worth every penny.”

Mark from Colorado

“After two squash sessions all I can say is that I’m impressed. I feel absolutely no friction on my big toes so there were no new blisters! And as I did not have to worry about my feet, I think I played better.”

Beno, Squash Player from Hungary

“I have very sensitive skin and have tried everything for blisters. I found ENGO and since then I haven’t used another type of blister product. Thank you so much for making hiking, biking, running, skiing, and just walking blister-free!”

Aubree R., Athlete from Montana

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