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  • Our most popular seller! Get immediate from the painful friction that causes rubbing, calluses, and blisters on your feet (ball of foot, side of foot, arch), heels, and hands and fingers. ENGO patches immediately reduce friction, protecting your skin.
  • Wear the shoes you love. If you dread putting on your favorite shoes because of painful blisters, this is the solution for you. Put an ENGO patch in the part of your shoe that’s rubbing your foot, and you’ll immediately feel the difference.
  • Designed for you. Fits in all types of footwear including: in athletic shoes, sneakers, high heels, dress shoes, orthotic braces, skates, ski boots and other footwear.
  • Comfortable and long-lasting. Unlike traditional blister bandages, ENGO patches apply directly to your shoe, not to your skin. They are ultra-thin, 0.015 inches thick, so shoe fit is unchanged. That means they last longer (up to 300 miles) and they won’t irritate your skin. ENGO patches are water-resistant.
  • Easy to install. Self-adhesive patches apply to your shoes, not your skin. Trim them to fit any shoes size or shape. Each pack contains 4 large oval patches and 2 small oval patches.


If you dread putting on your shoes because of painful blisters, this is the solution for you. Get immediate relief from the painful friction that causes rubbing, calluses, and blisters. ENGO patches immediately reduce friction and protect your skin.

How ENGO Patches Work

Unlike traditional blister bandages, ENGO patches are applied to footwear or athletic equipment – not to the skin. They use a patented technology to provide immediate relief from the friction that causes blisters.

ENGO Blister Patches are for you if:

  • You’re a runner, hiker, hockey player, or other athlete who experiences blisters
  • You wear high heels or dress shoes that rub the back of your feet
  • You’re on your feet for work all day and come home with painful blisters
  • You’re breaking in a new pair of shoes
  • Traditional blister bandages aren’t cutting it

Where to Apply ENGO

Apply ENGO patches anywhere you experience painful rubbing or irritation, including:

  • High heels and dress shoes
  • Running, basketball & tennis shoes
  • Soccer, football & baseball cleats
  • Dance shoes
  • Work boots and shoes

Don’t let blisters hold you back. Get ENGO patches today and get immediate friction relief.

NOTE: ENGO Patches might not adhere to footwear that has been treated with waterproofing spray, such as military boots or some hiking boots. ENGO Blister Patches are made in the USA.

Product Instructions

To apply your ENGO patches:

  1. Remove half of the patch from the backing, using the backing to create a tab. Use tab for handling patch.
  2. Apply adhesive side of ENGO patch to desired location of clean, dry footwear. TIP: ENGO may last longer when anchored to a surface. For example, wrapping patches around the edge/sides of the insole.
  3. Peel remaining backing away from patch. TIP: If blisters form at interface of footwear & insole, use two patches. One patch is placed on the footwear. The other patch is placed on the insole. A smooth interface is created.
  4. Press firmly around entire patch surface to secure. To protect remaining patched and preserve their quality, store your unused patches in the re-closable, heavy duty ENGO bag that they came in.
  5. Enjoy running, walking, hiking, sports, and exercising!

Size Chart

  • Each 6 pack includes 4 large oval and 2 small oval patches
  • Small oval patches measure 1.5″ x 2″ (3.8cm x 5.1cm)
  • Large oval patches measure 1.75″ x 2.75″ (4.4cm x 7cm)

Additional information

Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in
Shoe / Equipment Type

high heels, other shoes, running shoes

3 reviews for ENGO Oval Blister Patch Six Pack (6 count)

  1. Caryn

    I have the worst pointy heels ever. I have spent my life fighting blisters and spent almost $150 on blister care while hiking in the Rockies. This past year before hiking in Patagonia I found your blister patches and tried them out…I am thrilled to tell you that I hiked 10-12 miles a day for a month in all sorts of terrain without so much as a single hot spot!! Your blister patches have changed my life, no longer am I unable to hike or even walk because of blisters on my pointy heels. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    • kaitlinberg

      Hi Caryn. We are so glad to hear that our ENGO Patches are helpful in preventing blisters and hot spots during your hikes! Thank you for giving ENGO a shot. After all the other products you had tried, we happy this one worked.

  2. Melanie

    A miracle cure! I have tried everything to prevent blisters on my arches when I run and these simple strips are the only thing that has ever worked. Love them!

    • Rachel Mattson, Customer Service (verified owner)

      Hello Melanie,

      Thank you for your review! That is wonderful news that our ENGO strips are the only thing that works to prevent blisters on your arches. Happy running!

  3. Anonymous from Los Angeles

    This product is amazing – I used to constantly have huge blisters running (I ran on my high school cross country and track teams) – now I am without any blisters as long as I use the Engo patches in my running shoes. Truly an incredible product!

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